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Frequent Questions

What can I do in beastfast?
You can bet on the hourly raffle of the running beasts and win prizes from 150% of your bet to 843%

Can I bet without money?
All bets are made with money, you can go in the system (faucet) and see the ads in exchange for some satoshis (SAT) to bet.

How can I bet?
you must have a minimum of 100 Satoshi in your balance, to make a bet you must select from 1 to 4 beasts ...

How much can I earn betting?
if you win 1 beast you get 150% if you win 2 beasts you get 250% if you win 3 beasts you get 440% if you win 4 beasts you get 843%

Can I withdraw my balance to bet?
no, you can only withdraw the Balance.

How much can I deposit to bet?
You can deposit a minimum of 100 SAT (0.00000100 BTC) from any wallet and it will be available immediately.

How much can I withdraw?
You can withdraw a minimum 1000 SAT (0.00001000 BTC), if you withdraw to a wallet from faucethub.io you will not pay commission.

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